AI Applications

AI for Smart Marketing AI helps businesses deliver targeted marketing in the real world by combining intelligent technologies, including facial recognition and geospatial software along with analytics, using the technologies to first identify customers and then promote products, services or sales designed to match their personal preferences. AI for Smart Supply Chains Establishments are using …

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Technolgy Trends Aug 2019

Semiconductor nanowires to bolster optical computing, speed high-performance computing. Nanowires promise to make LEDs more colorful and solar cells more efficient, in addition to speeding up computers. That is, provided that the tiny semiconductors convert electric energy into light, and vice versa, at the right wavelengths. Applications for tunable semiconductor nanowires include optical circuits on … Continue reading Technolgy Trends Aug 2019

Smart Glass – for driver less cars to recognize a traffic signal

A new type of smart glass, developed by a team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, leverages optical reflection to recognize images without requiring sensors, circuits, internet connection, or external power sources. Everything needed for image recognition is condensed into single pieces of glass. The technology could be used someday to embed facial recognition in smartphones. … Continue reading Smart Glass – for driver less cars to recognize a traffic signal

Open Source Quantum Development Kit from Microsoft

Microsoft has open sourced its Quantum Development Kit (QDK) on GitHub and is inviting developers to contribute to its development to unlock the power of quantum computing. First introduced two years ago, the QDK includes the Q# quantum programming language and compiler, samples and tutorials to get started with quantum computing, and simulators and resource … Continue reading Open Source Quantum Development Kit from Microsoft

Industrial iOT (IIOT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is redefining the new age Industries and a new term is floating around i.e. IIOT( Industrial Internet of Things). This digital transformation reveals a new process for factory automation and manufacturing robotics combining internet connectivity and analytics. IIOT is growing as a key enabler in smart manufacturing by incorporating artificial … Continue reading Industrial iOT (IIOT)

Smart Statues

These creatures are going to be seen all over in coming times. They shall take over from many activities carried out by people. You might have seen such Statues or read about in movies and f8ction books or comic stories. These are going to come back to human societies. These Smart Statues, will be having … Continue reading Smart Statues

Opening in the sky

Walking by the road side, in a cool sunny day, thoughts above my head were opening up to go beyond the planet and explore the Universe and the Galaxy. The thin lines of grass strands in the nearby park were sparkling like the diamonds and inviting. The overnight dew drops along with the golden rays … Continue reading Opening in the sky